Skyhome   Songs © Penny and Graham McPherson

Since I first came to the Isle of Skye over a decade ago I have had the domain name as my main correspondence email. The name originated with the idea that although Skye is such a beautiful place, it is not our true home as one day we will rise and meet our Glorious Creator in the air as the scriptures reveal. This website is a collection of songs that both Penny and I have put together. We hold to the truth that our spiritual home is above and is free. The songs speak for themselves.

Ruach Elohim  (Breath of God)

Wondrous Love

Eternal Love (My delight is in you)

Morning Star

God of the Living

You inhabit our praise

Jesus Christ is Risen

Your Peace

One day all the tears will be complete

In the twinkling of an eye

Everlasting Waterfall

We cast our crowns down

Your Word

I died on the Law train